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Dermalogica face mapping
Diagnosis, treatment, recovery, prevention. Skin therapists analyze your skin from forehead to collarbone, identifying potential problems, unique needs, and how to treat them professionally. Face Mapping ensures that your subsequent prescription of Dermalogica products will target specific zones and deliver all-over benefits.

Time: 10 minutes
Price: free
When: before selecting the right Dermalogica products and treatments for your skin. Take a seat at the Skin Bar to start your analysis!

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Dermalogica skin treatment
Totally customized to your skin's needs, it's one treatment that's different every time! Professional double cleansing, exfoliation, galvanic or high frequency electrocurrent (if needed), extractions, masque, hand, arm and shoulder massage, toner,            moisturizer, solar defense. Available for the face or back.

Time: 60 minutes
When: monthly
Price: $75

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microzone2Dermalogica microZone
Bothersome breakout? Tired eyes? Dull skin? Visit us for your MicroZone Treatment. The 20 minute skin fix that gets you in, gets skin repaired and gets you out the door in a snap!
Our expert skin therapists and amazing products will provide the solution on the spot in just 20 minutes with treatments like flash exfoliation (great for shaping up before events), extractions and even boost moisture (perfect after long travels). That means no changing out of your clothes, no fuss and big results!
We’ll even show you step-by-step how to identify your concerns and treat them effectively at home to maintain results.
Make an appointment when you’re in need of some skin health attention in a minimal amount of time.

Time: 20 minutes
                                     When: when you need it.
Price: $30

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Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion
This treatment is recommended every 7 - 14 days. Helps with blemish (due to acne), hyper pigmentation, fine lines including beginning of crow's feet around your eyes, crease on forehead, and feathering around lips. Follow by ultrasonic sonophoresis that helps deposit serums deep into the skin and helps to soothe puffy eyes to lessen/eliminate swelling, bags under eyes, and dark blotches. Includes a collagen face lift & oxygen masque.

Time: 50 minutes
   When: every 7 -14 days. Is recommended 12 treatments 
to see a nice difference in your skin.
  Price: $85 each treatment, 
3 treatments for $230, 
or 6 treatments for $425.

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aromatherapy4Aromatherapy essential oil skin treatment
Aromatherapy therapeutic customized essential oil skin treatment, double cleanse, steam, exfoliation, face,  shoulder, hands & foot  massage, hydrating masque,  moisturizer, solar defense, and  hand treatment.

Time: 75 minutes
Price: $90.00

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highfrequencyHigh frequency treatment
 This treatment is for acne or mature skin High frequency current (also known as ozone treatment) is used to eliminate and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, and stimulates cell renewal.

Time: 50 minutes
When: every 1 -2 weeks
Price: $80.00
4 treatments for $199

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Infinitely revitalize facial
This galvanic facial fights the signs of aging and revitalize skin. Boost hydrate and replenish moisture dry skin. It tightens & reduces appearance of wrinkles. Increases oxygen and circulation. This facial is know as the non surgical face lift.

Time: 70 minutes
When: monthly
Price: $85 each treatment or
3 treatments for $199

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Dermalogica skin bar
Get to know our products, up-close and personal. At Skin Bar, you can learn about your skin with Face Mapping, and then learn how to use the products, hands-on. Fine-tune your regimen for unsurpassed results. Or, simply let your skin escape during a lunch break or after work.

Time: As long as you like
                                           Price: No Charge

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